Aqua Dogs is a competitive dog dock jumping series which travels throughout Canada. Our entire thought process was to build an environment that was created, designed and deployed for the sole purpose of taking this sport to an entirely new level. The owner as well as the consultants who designed and built the systems and events were some of the top competitors in Canada. We pride ourselves on being competitor and customer focused with a keen eye on fun, excitement and safety.

President of Aqua dogs: Heather Mcleod – Heather was one of the key individuals that brought the sport of dog Dock Jumping to Canada. In starting Aqua Dogs her thinking was to re-design the entire sport of dock jumping and create new standards for everyone to enjoy. Being she was one of the top competitors in the sport with Diesel her amazing border collie, she had a clear understanding what was needed to take this to the next level. Heather believes that everyone with a dog and a bit of training can truly enjoy this sport with Aqua Dogs. It allows everyone an opportunity get out and have a great time with there dog.

This operation is turnkey platform which means we have everything we need on board our specially custom designed trailer that needs with the team to create an amazing event.

Why jump with us?

We are Canada’s premium dock jumping company. There is no other competitive series and operation such as this in Canada. We have three disciplines (Go Long, Go Fetch and Go High), titles at every event, Prize packs at every event and an annual Championship to find the best of the best.

Equipment – our dock is at the cutting edge of technology. We are the only company in Canada that has a canadian made full 40′ custom built trailer. Even the turf on the launch pad has been hand selected to ensure maximum performance of the dogs. If you ever want to take a tour of this amazing piece of technology stop by an event and we’d be happy to show you around.

Prizes – our sponsors are amazing!! If you are one of the top 3 in a division you can expect to get one of these packages thanks to Omega Alpha, Cardinal Couriers, Bold Raw, Eukanuba, EarthBath and RuffSport.

Leading technology – Our system has the most advanced measurement systems in the market today. You know for a fact that when you jump, run or leap off our dock that each jump is 100% accurate.

Sounds systems – our system is second to none, the crowds at our events can hear, see and get right into the game.

Announcers – our announcers know how to make things happen. They’ve been in the entertainment business for many years and it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to competitor and spectator engagement.

Personnel – everyone on the team has been specially selected to be an expert in there field. The team works to ensure the satisfaction and safety of every single person and dog that is involved on our equipment. Secondly, everyone works towards one common goal of having fun with your dog. We’re here to help you and your dog have a great time doing exactly that!!

NO MEMBERSHIP FEES – We are the only organization in Canada that has no membership fees.

If you would like more information about becoming a competitor or  you would like to hold an event please don’t hesitate to send us an email INFO@AQUA-DOGS.CA.