About Us​

We are a group of Passionate humans that love dogs and the Sport of Dock Jumping! (Dock Diving)

Our Purpose

To bring attention to the easiest, most exciting Dog Sport to to watch and get involved in with your own dog.  We share the proper education with safety in mind and create less frustration for a first time jumper.  We help improve seasoned jumpers to get the most potential out of their dog with a better understanding.   Creating successful teams that wow the crowds with joy while watching a dog jump into a big pool of water off our professionally built docks!

The goal is to have fun doing the best you can so that everyone can enjoy the sport as much as we do!

Would You Like Your Dog To Participate In Dock Jumping?

Do they need to learn how to swim, do they swim already?  Do they love their toys? 

We have been teaching dogs and humans the Sport of Dock Jumping or Dock Diving for over 15 years.

We used to be that person…Can my dog do this? 

YES, they can!

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