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Welcome to Aqua Dogs, where we’re dedicated to enriching the lives of dogs through water adventures, nutritious meals, and comfortable travel accommodations! As passionate advocates for the bond between dogs and water, we’re committed to providing top-quality gear, accessories, and essentials for every aspect of your canine companion’s life. As an authorized dealer for a variety of reputable companies specializing in dog-friendly water gear, nutritious food options, and durable crates, we take pride in offering you access to the best products on the market. From durable training equipment, pools and interactive water toys to wholesome and delicious dog food, as well as secure and comfortable crates for travel and rest, Aqua Dogs is your ultimate destination for enhancing your pup’s aquatic experiences and supporting their overall health, happiness, and safety. Dive into our selection of trusted brands below and ensure that your furry friend stays safe, nourished, and comfortable during every adventure!

Splash Superpools Dealer

Splash Superpools

Elevate your dog’s summer with our top-of-the-line pools! Built for safety and fun, their pools are the perfect way for your pet to beat the heat. Dive in! Contact Aqua Dogs as your dog pool authorized dealer.

Omega Alpha Dealer

Omega Alpha

Experience the difference with Omega Alpha supplements! Their scientifically formulated products are designed to address specific health needs and promote a happier, healthier dog. Contact Aqua Dogs for optimal pet wellness!

Congo Raw dealer

Congo Raw

Congo Raw specializes in offering a select range of premium biologically appropriate products to ensure optimal health for your pet. Their fresh-to-frozen ingredients include certified organic and naturally-raised protein sources which are free of antibiotics, growth-hormones and preservatives.

Farmina Pet Foods

Farmina Pet Foods

Farmina is nature and science in perfect harmony. Their mission is to develop the best all-natural, nutritious, and scientifically validated food that dogs will love.

K&J Custom Dog Crates authorized dealer

K&J Custom Dog Crates

K&J offer Canadians an IATA-compliant dog crate that is
not only strong and heavy-duty but also crafted with the highest standards of quality. Their metal crates are carefully engineered to provide the ultimate combination of strength and lightweight design, making travel and transportation easier for pet owners.

Taylor Fish Company

Taylor Fish Company

An excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, protein and calcium.  These natural dog treats are high in DHA and help promote your dog’s brain function and maintain the health of their skin, coat, and immune system. Their walleye chews, bark, and smelt trainers are 100% natural. They add no fillers, additives, colour or preservatives.

CaniSourse Raw Dog food authorized dealer

CaniSource Gormet Pet Food

CaniSource Grand Cru is made with the same ingredients found in your own nutrition. Their formulas are made of raw meat, raw fish and other fresh food, dehydrated at low temperature. This unique fabrication process preserves most of the recognized benefits of raw food, serving them in handy kibbles.

Moz Pet

Moz Pet Dog Food

Made only from fresh meat specially selected for its nutritional qualities. Beef rolls are simply tasty and they are sure to please your pet. Contains no preservatives, colours, artificial flavours or sugar. In short, 100% natural ingredients.

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