Aqua Dogs sanctioned facility program

What is required to become a sanctioned Aqua Dogs Facility?

Pool: Must be a minimum of 17′ wide and 40′ long. Pool must also be a minimum of 4′ in depth.

Dock: The dock must be between 7.5′ and 8′ wide. It must also have turf that the dogs are able to get suitable traction. We would suggest a site visit by one of our facility review team to help ensure you have a safe and fun event.

Insurance: A copy of your insurance indicating liability to hold an event.

Permits: If a city permit maybe required to hold an event. This will be the responsibility of the facility operator holding the event.

Equipment – Aqua Dogs will supply and operate all necessary GoLong and GoFetch equipment. GoHigh will need to have a GoHigh rig purchased and installed by the facility. If you are in need of a a GoHigh rig please let us know so we can quote you the newest addition of the equipment.

Judging – Aqua Dogs will have an event judge required to be at all events. Cost varies depending on the facility and location.